Camarillo Utility Companies



Southern California Edison
(800) 684-8123

Gas Service

The Southern California Gas Company (Sempra Energy)
(800) 427-2200

Telephone Service

Service Number:1-855-400-3381

Cable TV Service

Time-Warner Cable
721 Mulhardt Ave.
Oxnard, CA 93030
Customer Service: 1-888-TW-CABLE (1-800-892-2253)

No Local Office

Direct TV
P.O. Box 6550
Greenwood Village, CO 80155-6550

Department of Motor Vehicles

General Information & Appointments
4050 Saviers Road
Oxnard, California 986-3701


Water – Camarillo (Check with HOA if they cover)

Water service for most of Camarillo is provided by the city’s Water Division of the Public Works Department with other portions being served by neighboring water companies.  Please see the Water District Service Areas Map to determine which service area a property is in.  Phone numbers for all water service areas are below.


California American Water

(805) 498-6770

Camarillo Water Division

(805) 388-5325

Camrosa Water District

(805) 482-4677

Crestview Mutual Water

(805) 482-2001

Del Norte Water Co.

(805) 983-1170

Pleasant Valley County Water District

(805) 482-2119 

Pleasant Valley Mutual Water District

(805) 482-5061 

Ventura County Water District #19

(805) 584-4829

Ventura Regional Sanitation District

(805) 658-4600


Trash & Recycling

E.J. Harrison & Sons (contracted through the City of Camarillo) 
(805) 647-1414 Special Pickups, Bulky Items, Missed Pickups, Commercial Service, Residential Outside of City Limits, Complaints

City of Camarillo, Customer Service
(805) 388-5325  Billing Questions, Barrel Exchange, Start/Cancel Service


- Glass Containers
- Aluminum & Metal Cans
- Clean Cardboard
- All Hard Plastics #1 thru #7
- Paper/Junk Mail
- Newspaper/Magazines

- Styrofoam
- Plastic Bags
- Greasy or Waxed Cardboard
- Film Plastic or Shrink Wrap

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- Leaves/Grass
- Plants/Flowers
- Scrap Lumber
- Small Branches
- Yard Trimmings

- Recyclables
- Dirt/Rocks
- Manure
- Garden Hoses
- Trash/Flower Pots
- Yucca/Palm/Ice Plant

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All Remaining Trash 
After Recycling & Yard Waste

- Hazardous Waste
- Tires
- Batteries
- Televisions or Computer Monitors
- Oil or Paints
- Fluorescent Light Tubes and Bulbs
- Medical Needles and Sharps

Recyclable material can be placed in the blue container(s) in any order, there is no need to sort them by type. If residents randomly generate excess recyclable material that does not fit in the blue recycle container(s), they are advised to flatten and bundle cardboard boxes if they don’t fit in the blue container(s) and stack/bundle them adjacent to the blue barrel, and place other excess recyclables in paper bags or closed cardboard boxes, curbside on collection day, adjacent to their recycle barrel. Please call EJ Harrison and Sons at (805) 647-1414 to notify them that there will be extra recyclables to be picked up.  If residents require a permanent additional blue recycle container, they may call the City’s Utilities Division at (805) 388-5325 to request an additional container. 

All trash can be placed in the green trash container(s). If residents randomly generate excess trash that does not fit in the trash container(s),they are advised to purchase extra trash service tag(s) at City Hall  601 Carmen Drive—$5 per tag.  The extra trash must be put in a plastic trash bag with the service tag clearly attached to the bag. Trash bag(s) should be placed curbside on collection day, adjacent to their trash container. If residents require a permanent additional trash container, residents may call the City’s Utilities Division at (805) 388-5325 to request a change in service level.

Bins and large roll-off containers ranging in size from 3- to 40-cubic yards may be rented for those big clean-up projects. Call E.J. Harrison at 647-1414 to arrange for bin rental. Harrison will bill you directly for these services.

City of Camarillo Customer Service   Ph. (805) 388-5325  (To start residential trash service or to cancel service)
For all of your Refuse, House Hazardous Waste, Electronic Waste, and Recycling needs please contact City of Camarillo Recycling Coordinator weekdays from 8 AM to 5 PM at (805) 388-5392. 


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